Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lani's program...

Nalani's Christmas program was Thursday afternoon.

She has never had a Christmas dress before.
I think I may have been permanantly damaged by some of my holiday dresses, so I ban them!! :)
(kidding, mom...kinda!)
But I hesitantly sent Lani with Mom to get a dress for her program
I instructed, "Nothing too frilly."
Lani said, "What's frilly?"
I said, "You know, bows, flowers, lace, sequins. I don't really like that stuff."
Lani said, "But I do!"
And so does my mom.
And I was not going with them. So I kinda knew what I was getting into.

This is what she ended up with.
She was so very proud of her first Christmas dress.
And really, she looked like a doll.

And Ayla about burst with excitement at the program!
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Courtney said...

she looks so beautiful!