Sunday, December 14, 2008

And words

(this was the "wishing well" that we put the donations in)
So I don't even know where to start.
It was the last week in October and Jody, Amy and I were sitting in Amy's driveway talking about water.
At this point water had gone from trickling into my heart, to flooding it.
The kids were all playing and we were talking about ways we could raise money for water.
I said, "Maybe I could set up a table at Geneva."
And I called my mom.
Mom mentioned maybe we could do a "dinner party" or something.
And it snowballed from there.
Can I just tell you that the generosity was UNREAL.
These last few weeks have been beyond hectic.
There have been decisions and meeting and kids all around.
So so many people stepped up to the plate.
An amazing amount of auction items were donated.
So many people gave.
And we were so very stressed.

So tonight was the night.
I had emailed Jody and Amy last night and between deep breaths said,
"I feel like all the pieces are there. The need, the passion, the relationships, the money. All of it. Now tomorrow we will get to see it all come together." And come together it did.

At 4:00 people started coming.
And we were worried. It was pouring rain and temps were dropping.
But they came.
And they kept coming.
Around 5:00 Jody got up and showed a couple videos and spoke.
I was shaking.
And crying.
I have no idea how she did it. But it was great.
Amy just kept re-stocking the merchandise table.
Over a thousand dollars sold in merchandise!!
Can you believe that?!?

And it was not by our own power.

The final total is not tallied yet.
We have a couple donations that will be coming in this week.
And I know, that is what everyone wants to hear...the total.
Because really, it is all about water and we cannot provide that without the money.
But it was a success.
A huge success.

And I am beyone tired.
Beyond blessed.
Beyond joyful.
Muscatine stepped up tonight. And it was amazing.
There will be water flowing in Liberia, because average people in middle America gave.
Pretty proud to be a part of this community tonight...
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steffany said...

That's AWESOME!!!!!! I wish I was there.

Beckysblog said...

So proud of you guys!!!! Wish I could have been there too.

Candi said...

There was something very magical about last night and I know where it all came and why... you 3 gals, joining in your gifts and talents to pull off a simply amazing event and with no previous experience... God had his hand in it all and things turned out just as they were supposed to, wow!! You 3 beautiful women have opened eyes to this great need and shared it in such a way that I do believe this trickle will go on far more than our eyes will ever see. What a perfect love filled compassionate night it was. : ) I can take very little credit, you girls and Amy's mom, worked endless hours and I'm sure no one (other than Goid) can ever really know how much you poured into this project to get clean water to those SO in need!! I cannot stop thinking about it and I don't really want to!! :) Way to go and thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication, I am overwhelmed with your success!! Praise be!!! Love you my dear daughter Cassie... Jennie TOO as she did a ton during and before this event unfolded, I am blessed with an amazing loving supportive family! Larry, took it on with no hesitation and I could not have done it without his support. I had a birthday bash like no other : ) All my children there and their wife, husbands and children. Wow!! Love filled that room and a burning memory that shall last forever!! Proud to be a part... :)

Sara said...

So glad to hear that it went so well!!! We so wanted to be there. To make a long story short, we were trying to hurry back to town to go, things didn't go as planned, got caught in the weather and made it back about 6:45. I was very disappointed. You guys are amazing . Thanks for your example and all you're doing.

Courtney said...

thanks for all the pictures and words for those of us that couldn't be there!

Brandi said...

Thank you. When we were there, all the Liberian people could say that they wanted was "WATER". You are making Mama's dreams come true as they hold their little ones tonight. I wish I were there.