Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So what's going on??

I do feel like I have been neglecting my blog a little bit.
Acutally, like I have been neglecting lots of things.
We still have a bug hanging around here. It has become apparent that we had 2 different bugs originally and now everyone seems to be switching and sharing them with eachother. Not fun.

Ayla is trying to make up for lost time with her eating.
She's been STARVING the past 24 hours. Can't get enough to eat.
She is now blowing kisses and playing peek-a-boo all the time.
She likes to throw out all her tricks at once...
Quickly transitioning for show she is one, to waving, to blowing kisses, to playing peek-a-boo.
It's so cute.

Brigg is hyper. Totally hyper. It's like he doesn't know what to do with all his energy.
I don't know either. I don't want to squelch his excitement for life, but after 10 hours or so I feel like I'm going to lose it!
He sings. He dances. He jumps. He RUNS everywhere. He bellows nonsense words. It's craziness.
He talks and talks and talks and talks and talks.
I have no idea where he gets it.

And Lani has been struggling the worst with the sickness bugs. She is on bug #2.
I don't think she ever completely recovered from the first one.
This one has been bad, and I feel so sad for her.
She's basically had a stomach ache for about 10 days. Poor thing.
But she is still snuggling and sweet and cute as ever.

The tree is up and the stockings hung.
Water for Christmas has brought in over $10,000 so far and we are SO excited!
My christmas shopping is almost done. Just a couple small things left.
Paul is LOVING his job. LOVING it.
He is home around 4:45 every single day.
No weekends. No nights. No holidays.
It's like this whole new world that we have never known.
And we have quickly adjusted.
Brigg is in wrestling now. And because of Paul's new hours, he gets to take him every Tuesday.
Lani has quit cheerleading and I just signed her up for gymnastics once a week.
Paul and I are on day 3 of our 21 day cleanse and it's going great.
I have become fully aware of how much I SNACK throughout the day.
It's a lot.
I love having something to stick to and I'm hoping it will make a long term difference in how we eat.
Lots going on. It's really starting to feel like the holidays.
Now I feel caught up.
Back to regular programming...
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Courtney said...

oh, so sorry for you ALL, especially Lani! hope you are truly better soon!

and the cleanse, has it had any, you know, ugly side effects?? like SOME cleanses you hear about??

Cassie said...

no side effects other than the horrendous heachache caused by lack of caffiene. but that is gone now and i'm feeling great....and full. i love it because i can still eat!