Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I feel a sense of panic today.
We are closing in on the end of this Water for Christmas campaign....just a few weeks left. And I was reading on Jody's blog today that the Mercy ships are pulling away from Liberia this week, leaving them with just 30 doctors.
Yes, 30 doctors and 3 MILLION people. And do you know what causes 80% of all illness and disease in Africa?
Yes, you guessed it.
And we can fix that.
All of these facts, ideas and quotes are coming together here...
"Some areas of “social impact” should have NO handouts, in fact they can stifle change, others need some “capacity building” = teaching to fish for free, and others just need fish because if they don’t eat today they’ll die.” (Pete Bremberg (in regard to giving fish vs. teaching to fish))
The people of Africa cannot fix this for themselves. It is not lack of motivation or simply being lazy. THEY CANNOT DO IT.
We can.
This is just hitting me so hard. Am I doing enough? Am I giving enough?
I don't know.
But as I have said before, this doesn't end January 1. No way. But until then, I am not going to keep quiet about it. I'll keep processing it all right here. My passion will keep growing. And lucky you, you get to read all about it! :)
30 doctors left for 3 million people.
80% of all illness and disease in Africa caused by lack of clean water.
Do you see the correlation here? Do you see how we can make a difference on so many levels?
I do.
And it is becoming more and more clear to me.

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