Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Do you ever feel like a crazed, decluttering maniac?

That is how I feel today.
I cannot STAND this clutter and mess.
And I'm feeling a bit psychotic about it.
Like if I don't get everything decluttered by the first day of 2009, my car is going to turn back into a pumpkin or something.
Brigg's room is almost complete. And can I just say that is has been SO much easier to do with him hundreds of miles away. And I am totally embarrassed by the amount of STUFF that I pulled from his closet, dresser, desk and under his bed. Truly embarrassed. How does that happen? I feel like I could have another garage sale!! (but that is not going to happen!)
The living room is great because I had to pull everything out to get new carpet and I didn't put any clutter BACK in. So I am creeping my way through the whole house. Although I'm pretty sure it's not possible to finish by the strike of midnight, I'm going to give it a good shot.
Onto the bathroom....


Courtney said...

i'm so with you.
i definitely said this yesterday afternoon, "i'm in a throw away mood. so, if you value anything of yours, i'd put it where it belongs."
i was just walking around and throwing anything NOT in it's place in the TRASH CAN!

Beckysblog said...

oh, my. Go check my blog!

I have thrown away so much today too. And I have piles for goodwill and the church nursery.

Hello 2009.