Sunday, December 14, 2008

And here we go...

Posting from the country club.
Tables set.
Food prepared.
Decorations look great.
And there is about a mile-long table of auction items in place.
Andy is setting up.
Jody is working on getting the projector hooked up to her computer.
Amy is putting finishing touches on the merchandise table with her mom.
My mom just rushed out the door to go get dressed.
Jennie and Sean ran out right behind her after working diligently to get the digital frame up and running.
Brenda and Chris are at home with the kids until the dad brings the babysitter.
And did I mention that today is my mom's BIRTHDAY?
Yes. All she wanted is water.
And I think she will get a big dose of her birthday wish tonight.
Pray for us!!!

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Melanie said...

I hope all goes well! all your hard work is amazing and doesn't go without notice. Can't wait to hear the results.