Thursday, December 25, 2008

i cried...

Brigg spent the better part of today doing this...

Standing in front of the clock.
Waiting for 3:15 to arrive and Papa and Nana to pick him up.
To go to Florida.
For nine days.
In between checking the time, we read books, played games, snuggled.
And when the time came he gave everyone hugs and said,
"See ya in nine days!"
I couldn't speak.
I turned and walked to the bathroom and cried.
At this point I had decided in my mind that I was going to take the girls somewhere,
to distract us.
So I grabbed Lani because I was sure she was going to cry,
and she was burning up. Totally has a fever.
There goes my plans to escape this place!
So we are hanging out. Keeping ourselves busy.
And now I am obsessively checking the clock, waiting for the phone to ring and say they have landed.
In 80 degree weather.
Maybe I'm just jealous...
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