Thursday, December 18, 2008

Classroom party

Spent the morning at Brigg's classroom party. I got the cookies all finished up last night. (Thank you Pam for the peppermint pinwheels recipe...they were a hit!) It is always SO FUN for me to be in the classroom. The smells and sounds just make me long for my own classroom. Maybe someday. But for now, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there with just Brigg. They opened gifts and I prepared a little relay race for them to play. It was so fun. Such excitement in the air as they prepare for their winter break. With the ice storm that is supposed to be arriving in a couple hours, I think the kids know this could be their last day of school for a couple weeks.

We gave Brigg's teacher a Water for Christmas bracelet today. He was quick to tell her all about the project and how our family was giving up some gifts so we could build wells in Liberia. I think his teacher was a little caught off guard, but she quickly asked more questions and was excited to go check out the website. Brigg seemed to have his story down pat. I heard him tell his friend the same thing the other day. It's just so amazing to see these kids actually "get it". I'm pretty sure this won't be the last Brigg wants to hear about the water project. And quite honestly, water has made Christmas so very special this year. A whole new perspective for all of us.

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Candi said...

That it has!! Many ways, so freeing and so thought provoking for so many of us... all is good, all is good! :) What a fabulous job you girls have done!! Praise be, God is SO good!!