Friday, April 1, 2011

Live without

Remember that little group I've talked so much about called Water for Christmas?
Ringing a bell?
Well there have been a group of people working hard to start a new 6-month campaign to continue raising money for water in west africa.
And today it begins.
It's called Live without.
And it's pretty simple.
They are asking that we give up something for a month and donate that to water.
This month it's coffee.
Go check it out.
There are calendars to download to track what you have given it.
So awesome!
They also have a Q & A page that might answer some of your questions.
Go read about it.
It's a great concept and a great organization!
Near and dear to my heart. :)


Water for Christmas said...
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Kari said...

coffee isn't really my thing...but anything from new belgium brewery is. thought of you when i added 'trippel' and 'fat tire' to my live without list for this month. :-)
thanks for sharing, my friend.