Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Picasa is not working for me.
That is how I post pictures.
It hasn't been working since I returned from Florida.
Not sure if it's just ME, or if everyone is having problems.
Either way, it makes it very difficult for me to blog under these conditions. :)

So quick update...with no pictures.

*we really did have a blast in Florida. I took a thousand plus photos....of which you have only seen 5 I believe. Brigg and Paul parasailed. It was a first for both of them. They had a blast. We spent hours upon hours in the pool and hot tub. We spent hours upon hours at the beach searching for shells. Truly a great time. So thankful for the opportunity to get away from reality for a week with amazing family. Beyond thankful.

*and this next tidbit of info has spiralled a bit ;)....I'm having an open house at my house on April 17th. There will be lots of info to follow, but you are all invited. Which is kind of scary for me. Because we really have not made this house our home yet. And about a week ago I decide I was ready. Ready to do away with the salmon pink walls and wallpaper in this house. Ready to paint every single wall in here. And that turned into also tiling the entry way. And all this needs to be done by April 17 because I don't want to be mid-painting/tiling after I have invited 10,000 of my closest friends into my home. My blood pressure rose just typing that. Yesterday we spent 8 hours painting. I am not working today so I will probably spend another 12 hours painting today. And it's a horrible job. I HATE painting. So I again will be absent from this blog for a while until I get this under control.

*the "open house" is going to be awsome. I have several representatives from different "home sales" companies that will be there. Plus, my sister is going to have a fun photo session booth set up as well. And there may or may not be lots of food and drink PLUS lots of homemade food for sale as well. Proceeds all going toward The Adventure Project's current campaign...clean water. I'm excited about the open house, just not excited about the work involved with preparing my home. Although it is proving to be very good motivation. (on a sidenote: if you'd like to donate anthing to be sold, email me at cassieburback at gmail dot com . crafts or baked goods or anything fun you can think of! thanks!)

*i'm still subbing. :)

*ayla had a high fever and sore throat for 2 days. i tried to take her to urgent care sunday night because she was scary sick. urgent care was closed. ugh. her fever broke and suddenly she was totally fine. like NORMAL by morning. crazy child. but i am afraid she's going to need her tonsils out at some point. she's had strep a couple times and her tonsils are swollen on a regular basis. time will tell.

*we have our trampoline all set up FINALLY. long story short...the set we bought had a 14 ft trampoline and a 12 foot enclosure. made for a super frustrating couple hours trying to figure it out, but finally got things exchanged and taken care of. and already the trampoline has been well worth the money. we DO have the perfect house/back yard for it.

*plans are coming along on the garden. SO excited to get it in!!

*the nook is almost finished. so so close. i have updated pics of it on my FB page if you're on FB. it's ADORABLE. like "Paul, you should build these for a living" adorable. i'm so happy with it and the kids all love it.

*went and visited becky last weekend. laughed hard, talked serious, loved on torrance. it was a a blast and good for my heart. she posted pics on her site if you're interested in pics. :) torrance DID stick her tongue up my nose, so that made for a cute pic. :)

*taxes DONE. whew. haven't heard back from our tax prepared to know the results, but our meeting is over and my organizing is over. it only took me one all-nighter. ugh. i hate taxes.

*baseball AND soccer season has started for brigg. softball starts for lani very soon. we are also in piano. makes for a CRAzy month. insane. but really, i love cheering them on. i love seeing them play on a "team". i'm just not wild about the busy madness.

*camping season is approaching. we can't WAIT. we have plans to trek out to colorado as a family for a week or so. we are skipping south dakota again this year. need to wait one more year for ayla to be ready, i think. so next year. maybe.

*weddings and baptisms and family trips and camping. crazy fun summer ahead. i realize this is just a season, so i plan on enjoying it. living it to it's fullest. soaking it up. so one day, when paul and i are all alone...sitting in the backyard of our tiny house, working in our ginormous garden, we will have something to thinking about and remember fondly as that insanely crazy, fun, wild time of our life that we loved. (but man, that part where it's quiet and we're working in our garden sure sounds good some days.)

*back to painting. and seriously, will somebody tell picasa to fix this situation?? my pictures are much more fun than my words.

happy tuesday....


Jennie Peakin said...

I know, the Picasa thing is ANNOYING! I have to post right from my blog and grab the pics from Picasa and then changing the code to make the pictures bigger is much more complicated. Frustrating.

I designated on my calendar a few days for making LOTS of cake pops for the open house and maybe some other baked goods. :) Super excited!

Amy said...

Wish I was close enough to come to your open house. :) I would even come help you paint! You will love the trampoline. Seriously. Some of the best $ we ever spent. (and we're on #2!)

Tisha said...

Agreed - the picasa thing is a pain!! It's driving me crazy. I can't change the size of the pics anymore without distorting everyone's faces/bodies. So, I just don't blog at all. Ha! Take that Picasa! :)
Happy painting!
Happy Open Housing!

Beckysblog said...

I can think of nothing I'd rather do less today than paint. nothing.

Love you!

Chris/Stew; Brenda said...

Having trouble with Picasa too!
I also do not like painting, but it is one of the most instantly gratifying home improvements there is. The moment you are done, you think "Why didn't I do this the day after we moved in!"

Happilyoutnumbered said...

Glad it's not just me....
I can't post pictures either. It takes too long to do it the other way! I hop they get it fixed soon...I am frustrated with it!