Thursday, April 14, 2011

Drew's Baptism

This weekend was Drew's Baptism.
It was a super quick trip...just a few hours there.
So much going on right now.
But we are so glad we got to be a part of this day!
Paul is honored to be Drew's godparent and it was awesome that he got to stand up with them.
Drew was adorable...of course.

Afterwards we went back to Luke and Erin's for lunch and a mini photo shoot.
A few group shots.
Not too shabby for a million people...

And the grandparents with all their grandbabies...

Loved this pic of Erin and Luke.
Partially because they look awesome and partially because when I snapped this I was playing peek-a-boo with Drew to get him to smile and I think it made Luke smile bigger than Drew.
Cracks me up...

Geez...are we blessed or WHAT?!?
So thankful for amazing in-laws. SO thankful.


Candi said...

No pictures. I tried to post that way today too just in case it was working cigar. :(

Candi said...

oops...that was Jennie, not Candi.

Candi said...

The pictures are there now! :)
(this is Jennie again)

Candi said...

This is me, Candi and I have to say... great pics and look how all the guys mostly have blue shirts, cool!! ;-) YES YOU ARE BLESSED FOR SURE :)

Lisa Borglum said...

I LOVE those pictures!! Thanks - as always - for having your camera handy to capture the moments.
Love you!