Saturday, April 16, 2011

working working working

That's what we're doing today.
I went and picked up a case of wine from Ardon creek.
Love them. Love their wine. 8 different kinds.
I have large photos hanging all over my living room. I'm humbled that ram rati is gracing the walls of this house.
She is beautiful and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to help create jobs for more women like her so the people of northern India have access to clean water. They deserve it as much as we do.

Honestly, I'm just hoping people show up tomorrow. :) I have really put my heart and soul into this day. And I know many others have as well. I believe in it. And I'm just praying we adequately represent the adventure project and what they stand for. They are doing amazing work RIGHT NOW. I am sending them pics of the preparations as they meet with new partners in Africa this week.
So please come. :)
Bring your friends. And their friends too. :)
Its going to be awesome.
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