Monday, April 25, 2011

Just some explanations...

So. I wanted to give a little more specific info about The Adventure Project.
After my open house last weekend, I found several common questions popping up over and over. Thought I would answer them as best I could right now before I post about the new quarterly campaign.
Which brings me to the first question...

1. How many projects will there be?
There will be 4 projects a year. There was the coal prject over Christmas time. Then there was the water campaign and today The Adventure Project is launching their latest project which is combating HUNGER with a focus in Kenya. (More to come on that today! It's so amazing!)

2. What if I want to give to a project that has ended?
You can give to any one of The Adventure Project's campaigns at any time. I know there are several of you out there who have a passion for ending the water crisis. So if you are particularly connected to one of the projects, they will make sure your donation get to that project.

3. Do I write my checks out to The Adventure Project?
Yes! It is a bit confusing if you are just learning about this organization. The idea is that The Adventure Project partners with organizations in-country that already doing amazing work. With the stoves they partnered with International Lifeline Fund. They partnered with WaterAid for the water project. And for this most recent campaign, they are partnering with Kickstart. They actually go out into the field and meet with organizations to decide which ones are a good fit and are making the biggest sustainable impact. They are in Africa RIGHT NOW and have launched the Grow campaign from Africa today. Incredible!

4. (and a question specifically for ME regarding the open house...) Why did you decide to have this open house instead of just donating the money you spent on this to the organization?
Simple. I care deeply about the water crisis. I know I cannot solve the problem alone. I know I have a very generous group of family and friends who are just looking for a reliable place to GIVE. And I love how my time and money can be multiplied by doing something like this. Plus, it's FUN and I get to tell the story of incredible people like Ram Rati. Passion spreads when people have the opportunity to share their hearts. I didn't have $2000 to give to this campaign. But by putting my money towards the open house, we were able to raise that much in one afternoon. Exciting!! You can read more about the open house (and see photos, too!) on The Adventure Project blog HERE.

5. How can I become a part of this grass roots effort?
What I really love about The Adventure Project is that you can become as deeply involved as you want. I am specifically a "Chapter Leader" and board member. You'll be hearing lots about the organization from me. But you don't have to be that involved. There are also "Tribe Members". TAP loves the idea of getting anyone involved who cares about ending global poverty. You can email them HERE if you are interested in becoming a tribe member. You will receive regular updates (even from the field!) about the projects and be included in emails discussing upcoming projects as well. It's such a neat community!

All this to say that I believe deeply in what this organization is doing...
Working together to educate and advocate while raising awareness and funds.
Creating jobs and dignity.
Fixing problems and saving lives.
Finding low-cost, high-impact solutions that can transform communities.

So you know I'll be talking about this more.
And I can't wait to share about the lastest project.
Are you ready?

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