Wednesday, April 27, 2011

just a regular wednesday night

I subbed today.
1st grade.
My sister and mom watched ayla while making hundreds of cookies for a friend's wedding.
Kids had piano lessons.
Lani picked out a song for recital.
Paul has a home inspection.
Mom took us out for supper.
My dad had men's night.
We ordered supper to-go for Paul.
Came home and tossed the tennis ball to willow a million times.
Garden beds are half done.
Kids jumped on trampoline.
I started a load of laundry.
Kids went down in woods.
Apparently lani and ayla got stuck.
And ayla had to pee.
So she went in the woods.
(We've taught her well.)
She said "mom, its NATURE."
They are now in the bath/shower.
When they get out we will read our nightly chapter of "The Long Winter".
I'm preparing to do the first night of Jillian Michael's "Banish Fat Boost Metabolism" and then get a cup of hot tea and finish my AWESOME book "The Help" while Paul types up his inspection report and eats his sandwich and the kids sleep hard.
And THAT is just another Wednesday night at the Burback's.
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Tisha said...

I enjoyed the peek inside your regular Wednesday night. Now, I would also enjoy a tour around your house, when you get the time....

Oh, don't you love The Long Winter? Are you curious to find out if they MAKE IT out ALIVE!!???
**Spoiler Alert** they do. :)

The woods behind your house look so pretty. How nice it must be to live there! Our kids like to relieve themselves in nature too. It's the purest form of recycling. ;-)

Lisa Borglum said...

Can I borrow your mom and Jennie for awhile???!!!!