Sunday, April 17, 2011

This is it!

Here we go!
Paul and I drank a glass of wine and then I sent him and the children on their way.
They have all been awesome. The kids were excited and they'll be back shortly before it all ends.
For the fun part...when mommy is relaxed...and has had a glass or 2 of wine. :)
It'll just be more fun that way.
Dad just dropped off all of mom's baked goods and the cake pops.
I'll have a continuous slideshow rolling of all The Adventure Project pics.
Wine, cheese, crackers, nuts, WINE. Did I mention WINE?
So I'm ready.
And the sun is shining.
So all is well.
Come on...ya know you want to join us!!


Candi said...

Wow... it was fun, delightful actually and a great success! We did do something for a lot of people... but could not have been done without a group of women (and our men) who have the love of God's work in their hearts. Feeling pretty blessed today for being a part of something much bigger! THANK YOU for getting this off the ground, all looked wonderful at your home and it was just plain, great!! Ahhhh.... :)

Tisha said...

Wow, Cassie $2,000?!!?? What an amazing success. Well done, friend. So happy for you and for The Adventure Project.

Farm-Raised said...

It sounds like the event was a tremendous success!! Awesome! And you look smokin hot in that picture!! :-)