Saturday, April 16, 2011

he's something else....

Ok...I need to brag on Paul for just a moment.
He certainly doesn't get enough blog-time or credit here.
I am crazy.
Sometimes I am totally insane.
And he is NOT.
Which makes us awesome together.
When I tell him I am going to send out 110 invites and also post on FB for my 569 "friends" to show up at our house on a Sunday afternoon to raise money for a project in India, he says "Ok."
Who does that?
Paul...that's who.
He picks up a paint brush and starts painting.
He MOVES lights.
He gets up in the attic with a mask on his face and ADDS a light to our living room.
He REWIRES our whole upstairs living room.
And when I say we need to rearrange the whole living space and move the television across the room, he runs yards and yards of cable somewhere and drills through the house and doesn't blink an eye.
He stays up until midnight on weeknights to make sure it gets all done.
He hugs me.
He tells me he's proud of me.
He tells me I'm doing great.
He watches the kids and dog while I go pick up bottles and bottles of wine and packages of cheese.
When I have tables set up and tablecloths covering all of them and it's suppertime the night before the big event he says, "Let's just go out to eat so we don't mess everything up."
He looks at me with sweat rolling down his face and says, "What do you want me to do next?"'s amazing.
And he'll leave tomorrow with all the kids and never expect a thing in return.
I certainly don't deserve him.
I certainly am BEYOND grateful that I get to spend my life with him.
Thank you, Paul.
I love you....


Candi said...

You know... you really do need to brag on him... :) He is so deserving... love you Paul... sometimes we just take advantage of your willingness, sorry!! Thanks for your part in today's upcoming Open House!!!!!!!! It's going to be great!

Beckysblog said...

That was totally sweet. He is a great guy!
And he didnt do too bad picking you either.

Trish said...

Your right Paul is awesome, but so are you! What a great TEAM you make for your kids, friends & family!!!