Saturday, April 30, 2011

some stuff

*big weekend. by dad is being honored this weekend as one of iowas 100 great nurses. you can check out the website HERE. we will be going to des moines today and attending the ceremony tomorrow afternoon. so so proud of him! he deserves it. one of the hardest working men i know! and great at what he does. proves over and over that some people really can love what they do for a living!

*while we are in des moines, we are staying at a hotel. in that hotel tonight you will find my sister cutting and coloring my hair. multi-tasking is necessary these days.

*about multi-tasking....on sunday before the big event, my sister is going to take our family photos. we haven't had family photos taken since ayla was 3 months old! what?!? we need an updated one above our fireplace, no doubt. of course, everyone is very is excited about this. HA! well, i think jennie is as least. :)

*subbing subbing subbing. i was in a fourth grade classroom yesterday and will be in the same one on monday. in the morning i was telling them a little bit about myself. i said, "i have three kids." they said, "how old ARE you?" i said, "34." they said, "WHAT?!?! we thought you were like 20 or 21!" well thank you, dear children. you are now by FAR my favorite age level!! haaahaha! thing about 4th graders....i think they know how to work the subs!

*in regards to the above mentioned 4th grade class...they were DIFficult. it took about an hour to get to the point where i think they started to figure out my expectations and i knew a little about their behaviors. it was a rough hour. but once we got through it, i really really enjoyed them! and at the end of the day, even though it was one of them most difficult classes i have ever subbed for, i was fulfilled. it was awesome. not frustration. fulfillment. kind of confirms that this is what i was created to do. i love that.

*neighborhood spring cleaning today. so i need to head across the street to help clean the pool area and the common park area. so excited to see the benefits of having a pool 10 yards from our house this summer!!

*brigg has 11:00 soccer game. lots to get done before we head out this afternoon.

*oh happy happy weekend. enjoy!!

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Lisa Borglum said...

Again, can I borrow Jennie!!!??? Geez.. Last time I took Macy and I in for a haircut, I left $80 poorer! You are very lucky.

Also, that is so awesome about your dad..not surprising but definitely awesome! Give him a hug for me!

Also, after watching The Voice, I had a dream about Lani. There was a shy girl on the show who auditioned and she was awesome - in my dream, Lani was performing at a concert for the top 100 most talented kids in Iowa. She was super shy beforehand and then got on stage and belted out an amazing song and then I looked over and Brigg was playing a Willow blue electric guitar and he was a wild thing. I woke up smiling and laughing.

Miss you guys.