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(Pictured above is Johnson, father of 3, and a farmer in Kenya. Johnson and his family were struggling to survive when he bought his first Kickstart pump. With it he expanded his farm from .1 acre to 3.5 acres, increasing his monthly income 10 times.)
Here it is!!!
The week Jody and Becky launched their 3rd campaign of the year...FROM AFRICA.
Now, I'm not sure I even understand what a HUGE undertaking it is to launch one of thes campaigns, but I do believe it is a 1000 times harder to do it from Africa.
It was an exciting day for them, I'm sure!

This campaign is incredible.
The Adventure Project is taking on Hunger.
Did you know...
Eighty percent of the poor in Sub-Saharan Africa are rural farmers, and 75% of their children go hungry?
It's true.
Those are huge numbers.
But there is HOPE.
And that is what I love about The Adventure Project.
They are out there, searching for the perfect partners to bring sustainable change to people who were once hopeless.

I have been in contact with Jody via text over the past 2 weeks and it's been so HOPEFUL hearing about what she's seeing.
She is seeing organizations that are restoring dignity to the people of these communities and witnessing change from the inside out.
Which is sustainable.
Which is the goal!
No handouts.
No shame.
No embarrassment.

I love it.

Kickstart is one of these organizations.

Kickstart has developed an enterprise that sells affordable irrigation pumps. These pumps greatly increase a farmer’s yield, which means food for their families and a surplus they sell to generate income.

To support these farmers, we found the perfect gift – plantable greeting cards. That’s right. After you read it, you plant it, water it, and it blooms in 3-4 weeks. Now you can “send flowers” for Mother’s Day (May 8th), and support a farmer in Kenya. Get yours now!

How exciting is this!!
The perfect mother's day gift!
But you need to order them SOON.
CLICK HERE to learn more about the project.
And CLICK HERE to order your card today!

If you want to read more about Jody, Becky and Esther's time in Africa, head on over to Jody's blog.
The work they have been doing is amazing.
And they are just getting started.
They were featured again today in The Huffington Post.
You can read that article HERE.

Lots going on.
I hope you join in on the action!
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