Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

My grandpa, uncle kent, aunt cathy and uncle steve and their 2 boys, drew and brent joined us this weekend for our easter celebration.
it was busy and fun!
saturday brigg had his first baseball tournament of the season. (see photo to right under my twitpics)
i forgot my camera.
when we left our house is was sunny and gorgeous.
when we got to eldridge it was FREEZING and WINDY.
and we were NOT dressed for that weather.
i was able to round up 2 blankets in my trunk and the girls literally covered their whole head with them.
2 innings into the first game (they played THREE), paul scooped the girls up and left.
lesson learned.
we'll dress/pack better next time.
the boys lost all three cames.
it was fairly brutal.
but lots of learning going on. :)
we'll do better next time.

we headed over to my parents after the games for a late supper and lots of laughs.
i love my family and am so thankful that we get together as much as we do.
never a dull moment.

this morning was the easter egg hunt.
and it was so gorgeous out!
we ate all day long.
the kids played wiffle ball and blew bubbles and jennie and i played cards with my uncle kent and grandpa.
of course...more laughs.
and lots more food.

the kids have tomorrow off school.
thank goodness...we have some catching up to do in the sleep department.

oh...and late friday night i decided to start peeling wallpaper off my bedroom walls.
why to i make rash decisions like that?!?
now i have a huge project on my hands.
oh well...i'll be so happy when it's done.
that wallpaper was not pretty.

some pics to follow.
my camera died as i was downloading them, so there will be more tomorrow.

so much to be thankful for today.
almost too much to wrap my brain around.
"thank you jesus" just doesn't seem to be sufficient.

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