Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Evening

So we headed out of town yesterday.
The kids stayed at Lisa and Tony's and Donna came, too!
And after a fun afternoon with them, we headed out for the evening.
Becky had done an amazing job working on this fundraiser.
We had dinner and there was a silent and live auction.
And we just got to hang out with fun group of people.
Thank you SO much Becky and Jordan for a great night!!

After the function, Paul and I even got to go out for a little bit by ourselves to one of our favorite college day bars .
We felt old.
And fat.
And totally out of style.
I would break my ankle if I wore some of those shoes I saw!

But we laughed and told stories about days gone by.
And we asked the waitress about 2 other bars we used to frequent.
Her response was, "Oh yeah. My parents talk about that place! But it's no longer here."
Are you kidding me?
I think she saw my 3 new gray hairs.
And we realized that Brigg is closer to these kids' ages than we are.
That is scary.
It was a great night...
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Beckysblog said...

Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

And yes, we are horribly old.

Melanie said...

Except ten years from now when we realize how young we really are now! Unfortunately you only get older...but hopefully wiser too!! Good to see you guys!