Monday, February 2, 2009

I've had dreams about this...

Every single Monday in our public school system, we get out early.
2:30 instead of 3:30.
Every single Monday.
And I truly have dreams that I forget to go pick up Brigg on Mondays almost weekly.
It's a fear I have.
Apparently a valid fear.
I forgot him today.
Got a call from the school.
"Is anyone coming to pick up Brigg? He's still here."
I am coming to pick up my son.
Good thing I have never claimed to be mother of the year.....


Courtney said...

oh, man.

Trish said...

Ouch! Just another bad Mama moment (that we ALL have.)

Amy said...

As a teacher, I'm curious... why do they get out an hour early?

Cassie said...

teacher trainings.
we have fewer inservice days and early out every monday. all the teachers gather and have teacher trainings!

Melanie said...

I will TOTALLY be the mom that forgets her kid. Sometimes I even panic in teh middle of the day wondering if I remembered to drop Jalen off at daycare.