Monday, February 2, 2009

And then I turn the lights out.

Because we are having the realtor tour tomorrow, I have had to come up with a method to cleaning with 3 children and one husband.
So this is how it goes:
1. I pick up the room.
2. Vacuum the room.
3. Dust the room.
4. And then I turn the lights out.
I have given everyone the following instructions...
If the lights are out, you are NOT allowed in the room. You may not go into the room for any reason whatsoever. You may tell MOMMY/WIFE that you need something from the room and MOMMY/WIFE will go into the room and retrieve it, but you may not enter the room by yourself.

So far it is working. Have I ever mentioned that I am a horrible house keeper?
It's true. I hate it. I do not make it a priority in my life. I can even justify it.
BUT, I do know how to keep a clean, organized house. I just choose not to do it often.
Times like this call for serious action.
So this is the plan. And it'll work for the realtor tour tomorrow. I'm just not sure how to keep it going for the showings that will inevitably arrive.
For right now, we just need to get to 10 am tomorrow...without touching anything.


Amy said...

You'll have to play freeze tag with everyone, and make them freeze! Although that probably won't work with Ayla. :)

Hope the tour goes well!

Heather said...

That IS hard. I usually ship the kids off somewhere for about 2 hours before a showing so I can buzz through each room quickly knowing that no one is messing it up behind me. It does pay to keep up on a daily basis though. Last weekend we had a call from a realtor that was driving by with some clients and wanted to know if they could see 10 minutes. Best of luck to you!!!!!

Cassie said...

oh great heather, that made my heart skip a beat...or 2.

Heidi said...

You are the one that turned me on to Fly Lady. She has helped me maintain a lot. I feel for you, good luck! - Heidi