Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Seriously...what is it about kids and Oreos. Ayla was eating some of Lani's mini oreos the other day and I couldn't stop taking pictures of her. It was so cute. And she thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.

Look at that little pudgy to pound down on the Oreos.
And it is impossible to eat Oreos without milk. I think she enjoyed the milk almost as much as the cookies.

This is Ayla. This is her signature look. I have more pics than I can count of her with this look. Stubborn. Defiant. I was begging her to smile. She gave me nothing. NOTHING.

A girl and her chocolate. They just go together. Kinda like milk and Oreos.


Candi said...

Oh Ayla!! You are TOO CUTE!!!! : )

Beckysblog said...

The OB unit at Allen has a series of photos of babies about 9 months old all eating oreos. It is the cutest thing and Ayla would fit right in!

steffany said...