Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Health and house update

Loooooong night for Ayla and mommy. She didn't sleep much. Lots of screaming. She has always been a good sleeper, so to be honest, I've haven't lacked sleep due to children for many years. So this was a good reminder of how blessed I have been in the sleep department with her!
So has taken day 2 of her 5 day medication treatment. And currently, she is napping. Which is great because I have much to do before our 2:00 showing today.
The house is coming together and I am confident that I'll be ready to show it by 1:00...giving me an hour to spare! :) That is, if Ayla stays asleep for another good hour.
That's all. Off to clean. It's almost warm enough to open the house up and air it out!
Oh....and we are going to Florida for spring break. I was at my breaking point yesterday and when I came across amazingly cheap tickets to Florida over spring break, I booked. I am having a bit of buyers remorse today, but I know once we are there I will be happy I did it. I'm tired. And making some crazy choices. Anyone ready for spring?


Courtney said...

hope you have a better night tonight!

Brandi said...

Where are you coming in FL? Is it just your family or a whole gang?

I live in Orlando! We already have a whole W4C team here for this year!