Sunday, February 8, 2009

And then it was Sunday...

I see signs of recovery. No more puke. That's a good thing. Ayla seems to be struggling them most at this point. Lots of remaining coughs and snot from all three of them today.
Paul isn't feeling the best and his foot is hurting for some reason. He's afraid it's a stress fracture or something.
He's finishing up some trim and one closet door upstairs. As always these days, I'm just trying to stay on top of the cleaning and laundry. Not an easy task over the weekend with all 3 kids home and SICK.
Several cars driving by slow today. Our house was in the paper this weekend and on the local channel. Hoping for some showings soon. But not holding our breath. The market is just awful right now.
Watched an yucky movie this weekend and can't shake it. Million Dollar Baby was on TV last night and I mistakenly thought to myself, "Oh! I never saw this one. Good!" And when it was over I was sick to my stomach. Adding to the nagging sadness I have been feeling about friends of ours whose grandson has an inoperable tumor on his brain stem.
I'm tired and just feel a little defeated today.
Sorry about the negativity that is coming through here. Ready to start a new week.


Candi said...

I can relate.... I struggled in church today thinking of our dear friends, not only Jacks but also Vikki who is possibly in her last hours with cancer and now I hear of my old neighbor with bone cancer in the nursing home!! It was his daughter Lori who named her daughter after my mon... Frank Weiland, so sick, how can that be? I think of him as a strong strong man! Then you add Alexis, Chuck and Jimmy to the list, sigh! Makes my heart ache so, I have done NOTHING today but pray and lay around... I did not forget to pray for your sick little ones either of course, just one of those days. I don't know how folks cope without faith... must be so very miserable and hopeless!! The good news is, things will get better, I promise!! :) Love to you all.

Holly said...

hang in there - you got it!

side note: I saw a terrible movie a couple of weekends ago too-Jake and I shook through the whole thing and left feeling awful. (Taken - do not give your money if you can help it!)

Courtney said...

it's one of those days. HEAVY.