Thursday, February 19, 2009

the best toy ever

when brigg turned one, my brother got him this tonka truck.
(well, not this EXACT one, but one like this)

brigg loved it. and i made the decision that every child needed one of these trucks.
then they discontinued them.
they do not make them anymore.

thank goodness for ebay.
my nephews bode and tate both have this truck because of ebay.
and this specific one is lani's.

brigg and lani STILL run around the house pushing their trucks around.
they fill them with all kinds of things and they race.
ayla has recently taken a liking to the truck, too.

i'm thinking brigg will soon be outgrowing his and ayla can take it over.
but if you are looking for a toy that lasts for years, i might suggest heading over to ebay and searching for one of these. after 6 years ours is still being used almost daily and is in great shape!
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Priscilla said...

Ayla is so cute. The 3rd pic from the top looks like she is one spunky kid.

jody said...

the fact that the toy has lasted 6 years at your house s not saying a lot for the rest of us...