Thursday, September 30, 2010

I might have gone a little too far...

So I've been slowly coming out of a really really long funk.

Lots of contributing factors all coming together over the course of a few months, but ever so slowly I'm coming out of it.

*I've been meeting friends for coffee again. Much needed filling of my soul.
*I've been taking pictures. Lots. Of the amazing fall surroundings and of my babies.
*I booked a ticket to fly to Colorado. Alone. Staying for 3 days.
*I volunteered to help paint the playground at the kids' school.
*I registered for a 2-day class to renew my sub license!!
*And this is a little weird and possibly taking it too far... but the other day I was driving alone. No kids. No dog. It was beautiful out, so I had the windows down. And all the sudden I heard Party in the USA come on the radio. I couldn't help it. I rolled with windows up, cranked the music and started belting out every single word while putting "my hands up" and "nodding my head like 'yeah' and moving my hips like 'yeah'." Not even kidding. It was awesome. And I even continued the car concert when the next song that came on was Cal-i-forn-ia Gurlz.

Yep. Proof. It's good.
And we move into our new home in eight DAYS. :)
Happy fall, indeed.


Beckysblog said...

Id pay for a reenactment of the concert!

Tisha said...

I'm with Becky. I'd give at least $1 to see it. Maybe more :)
So happy for you!! Leave that funk behind girl! 8 days to a fresh start. That's gotta feel good!

pambuller said...

LOVE this. oh how i miss you. YOU are refreshing.

yay for a new house sooooooon!

Holly said...

girl. you've only done that once!?
that song gets me everytime,
ask my girls.
I could careless whether they are there or not,
actually, they all usually just join in ;-)

we really would be friends in real life, huh?

meg duerksen said...

Who's that chick that rockin' kicks? she must be from outta town.

Anonymous said...

I am so sure that we might have done that "concert thing" in the car @ the same time?!!! I am 43 yrs old and feel like a teenager when I get in my MINI VAN and a song like that comes on. Brody and Steve always shake their heads when they see (hear) me coming!! The speakers r THUMPIN! LOL-love it and love u! U rock! donna g