Tuesday, September 7, 2010

getting excited!

feeling like we are moving right along around here.
our buyers have asked for full access to our garages starting friday. this has been a good push for us to get them cleaned out and ready. we're almost done with that.
POD arrives one week from today. we have 2 days to fill it. it gets picked up a week from thursday and stored until we need it delivered to our new house.
works out perfect because our buyers have also asked if they can get possession one day early. their movers would like to begin moving their things into the house on thursday afternoon. so our POD will be packed and locked by 7:30 am on thursday the 16th. i then have until 2:00pm to clean an empty house. i think i like cleaning EMPTY houses. :)
so really, after 2:00pm next thursday, my life is going to be so much happier. i even looked at the extended forecast for next week and it's going to be perfect!
i do love iowa in the fall. it's gorgeous out there. and it makes it very hard to stay inside and pack when the windows are open and the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing. but i'll have plenty of time to enjoy in TEN DAYS.
can't wait.
then we officially close on friday the 17th.
thinking i may even have to get a sitter for that evening. we'll have some celebrating to do!

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Beckysblog said...

you will definetly need a sitter that night! :)