Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Remember when I went to Africa?

Of course you remember! Pretty sure I blogged some of my longest blog posts ever upon my return.
The thing is, as it gets further and further away, it gets easier and easier to forget.
To start complaining and whining about my own personal circumstances.
About my huge major life crisis.
And I need a swift kick in the ass to remind me.
To remind me that it's not all about Cassie.
It's not all about my cozy little life.

An easy way to get that reminder is to talk Sierra Leone.
And wouldn't you know...shortly after my whining session the other day, I was reminded.
Funny how that happens at just the perfect moment.
It literally brought me to my knees.

One of the few things we did when we visited the WMF team, was to provide them with some much-needed supplies.
We were so happy to be able to do this.
We honestly felt as though we were in the way much of the time there.
We were humbled by their graciousness towards us.
We were amazed by the work they do.
And providing these supplies was the one tangible thing we felt we could do for them.

We had a ton of vitamins we brought along.
It was so fun to see them all lined up in the window.
Knowing they would be used to provide these malnourished children with much needed nutrients was exciting.

When we got to love on these children one afternoon, we were witness to the great need for nutrients in their diet.
They were tired.
Some of them were so little and literally falling forward out of their seats during their program.
It was late afternoon and they were hungry and weak.

The boys did a great job of keeping their attention and providing stimulation to keep them active and awake.
And filling them with the word and the love of Jesus.
But they still needed that basic necessity of nutrition.

At the end of the program, they were each given a hard boiled egg.
The WMF team told us that for some of the kids...most of the kids...this would be their only protein for the whole week.
Can you imagine that?
One egg being the only protein your child gets in a whole week?
I can't.

They love "The Good New Club" for many reasons. The kids adore the leaders. The singing. The dancing. The stories.
But I'm pretty sure the parents love the fact their their kids get some nourishment.

We were so ecstatic to hear that after we left Sierra Leone at the beginning of March, they were able to start handing out a vitamin with each egg.
So now each child got a hard boiled egg and a vitamin to go with it.
Pam just received an email from a WMF team member saying they were almost out.
And they really hated to take that away.
So simple.
A vitamin.
Gosh...seems silly that we couldn't continue to provide that for them.
For the families who are hungry and thirsty.
For our heroes there who give their lives daily to be the hands and feet of Jesus to these families.

So here is where you can help! :)
We are going to collect vitamins.
And then send them over to Sierra Leone to replenish their supply for the Good News Club.
I can tell you that each of us was beyond grateful for the opportunity to help the people of Sierra Leone by fulfilling this need.
I think that is the hardest part about coming home. Feeling unable to help.
But here's our chance.
So if you are so inclined, you can be a part of our effort to supply a shipment of vitamins to the people of Kroo Bay.
If you are local, you can get the vitamins to ME by October 14th.
I am heading to Colorado on October 16th and am hoping to have a suitcase full to bring with me to Jody.
If you are not local and would rather send them, email me and I'll get you an address.
cassieburback at gmail dot com
Jody is going to be our central collection point.
So if it's just easier for you to avoid shipping the actual vitamins, you can paypal her directly and she'll buy them FOR you. Let me know if you'd rather do that and I can get you her info.
Then once we get word that someone is heading over to SL, she will ship them in ONE shipment to that person.
It would be fun if we could blow them away with a huge outpouring of support.
Let me know if you are interested.
Sorry, this isn't the last you are going to hear about my passion for these people.
Thanks in advance.


angie said...

cassie, let me know how to paypal money to Jody. i would like to help. email:

Sarah said...

Ok, a few things, since I just caught up on a few of your most recent posts. 1. I am dying of laughter that Ayla said Geeeez, psycho. Seriously. All I have to do is think about it and I am laughing/crying. Now I know what you mean about her being a handful. 2. I will be getting vitamins and giving them to Jody. GREAT idea! 3. So fun that you are coming out here for a visit!! Maybe I will see ya at the local starbucks again!

Jennie Peakin said...

Can't wait to help!!!

Courtney said...

on it! thanks...