Monday, September 13, 2010

sign language

Lani and Ayla's birthdays are coming up. We move into our new house on October 8. I have a trip planned October 16-19. And we are celebrating with the family on October 24. So I have been thinking about birthday gifts.
As a family, we often times throw eachother the "I love you" sign. You know...sign language.
It's a connection even across a huge soccer field.
I love it.
I have Ayla giving the "I love you" sign on my wallpaper on my phone.
A simple way to tell the kids without embarrassing them.
Anyway, I'm so excited. I found a necklace with the I love you sign on it.
SUPER cute.
It will be Lani's birthday gift.
(we also got a smaller, cheaper one for ayla...we just don't trust her with a nice necklace yet)
But seriously, isn't this CUTE?!?

found it on etsy HERE.
just in case you want one, too!

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angie said...

that is a beautiful gift idea, cassie. love it. i may have to steal it from you :)