Monday, September 6, 2010

oh wow....

as always, we had a horrible time apple picking.
seriously...i took more pictures than ever.
i have tons to sort through.
and we have our buyers moving in early, so i have no time.
i just grabbed a few to post as a quick glimpse.
i'm sure i'll be posting more late at night this week.

this was a much-needed trip for me.
my heart needed filled up.
i've been a bit "empty" lately.
i loved having these days to focus on my family.
be fully engaged.
so sad that it's over.
so sad that i'm already feeling distraced and i've been home a few hours.
but this is a crazy 10 days coming up.
it'll all be worth it, but i HATE being so distracted and preoccupied.
hate it.
back to organizing...
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Jennie Peakin said...

what exactly do you mean by "our buyers are moving in early"???? Earlier then the original closing date? Ugh, for your sake, I hope not!

I LOVE the picture of Hadley, Ayla and the frog!!!!

Lisa said...

I agree with Jennie - the frog picture is one of my favorites...ever!

Naomi said...

Somebody already said it, but oh well...