Sunday, September 12, 2010

The post in which i rant and rave about my current situation and then move on...

i have been absent.
for very good reason.
we have been packing up the rest of our house.
but honestly, that's been going just fine...

it's other circumstances that have taken over my life the past few days.
and i might just lose it.
(the other day ayla replied to something i said with "geeeeeeezzzz, psycho."
i know...not super appropriate coming for a 2 yr old, but true nonetheless.)

so back to my ranting.
on friday morning we were all eating a fine breakfast of cheerios and milk.
life was super fabulous.
i may have been chanting something about "it's friday...oo oo...we're gonna ooo...because we'r ooo....and we sold our house...oo ooo."
(or something like that. i can't really remember exactly.)
anyway, i was happy. oh so happy. chant-worthy happiness.
then it happened.
brigg simply scratched his head.
then he scratched again.
then he started digging at it.
then he yelled, "MOM!! somthing is WRONG with me! stop chanting! (ok...he didn't yell that part, but he had to yell to be heart OVER my chanting) i think i have lice or something.
not the "L" word.
PLEASE...not the L word.

i walk over to him.
pulled apart his super thick, coarse, curls and yep.
the L word.

i may have freaked.
i may have cried.
i may have screamed.
i don't remember.
but i do know it wasn't pretty.
i do know i hopped in my car, in my pjs and NO bra and raced to the store like we had the biggest medical emergency ever known to man.
and there were exactly TWO boxes of lice shampoo left on the shelves.
i called the schools and told them we were in the middle of a crisis and would not be there.
and i came home to kids who were yelling, "Dad! GOOD NEWS!!! Brigg has LICE! We don't have to go to school and we aren't even sick. We don't even have to lay around! We can PLAY!"

and then there may have been more screaming...because i certainly was sooooo over my chanting mood.

after treatment brigg was still itching.
so i lost it.
and paul lost it.
and we pulled him into the garage to do this....

oh yes we did.
shaved it nearly bald.
more tears...from me.
brigg loves it.
and then paul pulled out the big guns to get rid of all that nasty hair....

and i've been a raging lunatic ever since.
every single sheet, stuffed animal, soft toy and blanket in the house has been washed in HOT water and dried in a HOT dryer.
every piece of furniture vacuumed.
every head treated.
after brigg's head was shaved i could see with my naked eye all the nits.
it gives me the eeby geebies just talking about it.
i think i got them all.
we'll see.
i didn't find any in anyone else, but we will all be treated again in a week.
also, while i was picking nits out one by one in the bathroom, brigg's neighbor friends came over to ask him to play and lani answered the door.
she said, "He can't come out to play. He had fleas."
now it won't be so hard to leave the neighborhood.

oh...and the lice was spotted just minutes before the pest inspector arrived to check our house for termites.
he found a couple pieces of wood UNDER our front porch that had old signs of termite damage on them.
so we have to do a partial treatment under the porch.

AND i don't know if we're going to be able to get high speed internet at our new house.
and our buyers have been moving their things into our garage all weekend.

i need counseling.
that's it.
deep breath. i'm moving on.
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Amy said...

Oh Cassie! I'm so sorry!! If we didn't live several states away, I would come help you. (although the thought of lice kind of freaks me out). Hoping that you life gets a little less crazy soon!

(and I'm sorry... but Ayla's comment truly made me laugh out loud.) :)

becky said...

I'm sure it must have been stressful at the time, but the photo of your husband leaf-blowing your sons pants is classic! Thanks for your kind words on my blog. Please tell your dad I will be on the search for a chicken for him.
-Becky Straw

Tisha said...

Hahaha!! That one of Paul and Brigg is hysterical!! And Ayla, where does she get it? :)
Reading that makes my head itch. Like, really itch.
Oh and the HORRID memories it brings back. Of being in Ethiopia, with the terrible lice, having no way to treat it with the water-shower-bathroom situation there, having to travel 35 hours home WITH the lice, the biological kids getting the lice, the washing and the washing and the washing.....oh my.
May the force be with you girl. Lice is NOT NICE!!

Holly said...

oh. my. word.

I have chills...and I'm ithcing.

Beckysblog said...

Probably my favorite post EVER.

Beckysblog said...

FYI - Its not my favorite post because of your circumstance, but because I love you! :)

Courtney said...

shoot me in the head (that's what i'd be saying)

i'm SO sorry!!!

Chris/Stew; Brenda said...

Love the haircut, looks like Bode's brother! At least all of that cleaning is done before the move.

Lisa Borglum said...

Brigg looks so handsome.
Ayla is hilarious!
and Lani is so sweet even if she thinks her brother has fleas.

Sarah Guild said...

My hubby loving refers to my breaking point as "the line". Something very, very small could put me over the line and then... "psycho". Lice would have catapulted me past psycho and into a mental ward at this point in our move so I think "psycho" is pretty good. :+) You really make me laugh.

meg duerksen said...

lice is the worst.