Monday, September 20, 2010

New normal for a while

We're living in my parent's basement for the next 18 days.
They don't have wireless internet, so I don't have access to my lap top.
This means I can't post pics. I don't want to clog up their computer with MY millions of photos.
Blogs are not nearly as much fun with no pics. So I'll be sparsely posting for a few weeks.
But things are good here. We are so relieved.
Mom and dad are putting up with us and I'm sure it's not a ton of fun. It feels like there are a lot of us when we are all in one condo! So we will continue to try and stay out of their way as much as possible and be as helpful around here as we can.
18 days. Then we'll be figuring out our NEW new normal. We are excited.
And still pretty darn thankful!


Jennie Peakin said...

Don't know if I can handle 3 weeks with no pictures. You may have to come here and bring your computer to post some pics! :)

Courtney said...

sad for us... :-)