Thursday, September 16, 2010


we are officially OUT.
our belongings are scattered throughout the state.
some in a PODS storage unit somewhere.
some in a friend's garage.
some in dad's storage.
some in our cars.
some at my parents.
but we are out of 1107.
and i'm tired.
that was a long couple of days.
i am making it official...we are not longer "old house people".
never again will be own an "old" house.
we used to claim that we loved old houses. loved the projects.
that was before 3 kids and a dog.
now we want maintenance free. and i'll go to my friends' old houses and admire the character and the woodwork and the tall ceilings and then go home and sit outside on my patio or garden or watch football while they work on projects every weekend. :) just fine by me!!
we close tomorrow at 10am.
then we have 3 weeks of living in my parents basement.
and we close on our new home on oct 8.
lots to keep us busy in between.
RUN4WATER race, brigg's football games, tate's birthday, my 15 year reunion, a visit from leah! FUN stuff!
so exciting.
it's been a crazy 6 months. i'm waking up from a long, restless slumber and wondering what the heck just happened.
we have a new house, a new school, a new "normal".
lots of adjusting to do.
but we are thankful.
so very thankful.

(and the biggest thank yous to my parents. we could not have gotten the POD loaded without dad helping for hours and hours on wednesday. and i could not have gotten through today without mom watching ayla and loading while i frantically finished up the kitchen. we just couldn't have done it without them. thank you.)


Holly said...

that feeling of being DONE with the old house is always the best!

hotflawedmama said...


Allison said...

That is awesome you are finally out!! I can't wait to see pics of your new place. Now, if we could just sell our house and get the heck out of UT!