Monday, August 16, 2010

Wild Cat Den

it's our favorite local place to hike.
we try to hold out for "not-so-hot-and-humid" days.
i was up early packing and packing and packing.
so by the time the kids were up and ready for the day, i had accomplished quite a bit.
enough for the day (in MY book)
so we decided to head out to wild cat den.

the kids grabbed a notebook and pen and created a treasure hunt.
they got along perfectly.
i'm not kidding.

they posed when i asked them to and i didn't have to prompt them to act like they loved eachother.
they giggled and ran and we even got wet (more on that later...along with who we ran into!)

it was just what the dr. ordered.
a beautiful day with my babies.

i need to add this.
i LOVE that ayla is older now.
oh my goodness.
today's actual hike was so much better than those of years past.
ayla was completely independent.
i didn't have to carry her at all.
she didn't get tired.
she was completely involved with the "big kids".
it was awesome.
i love this.
i've been waiting for this.
and i'm so excited for these next years ahead.
ya know...those years when your kids still love you.
and like to be with you.
and you don't have to worry about naps or diapers or sippy cups.
yeah...good good times.
lots more pics to come....
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