Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oh Willow...

We missed her a lot.
We all ran to the door when we got home to let her out and run around with her and let her just jump all over us.
How could you not miss this face...

We love her.
But I'm not loving her quite as much at 3am in the middle of a thunderstorm.
Ayla has had a huge fear of thunderstorms for quite some time.
So when the storm started I almost just went into her room to avoid a problem.
Avoid screaming and crying.
But I didn't because
a.) it didn't appear to be bothering her (must be tired from 5 days in the sun and water)
b.)Willow was crying in her crate and sounded very scared
So I went to Willow and tried to calm her down.
The storm has passed now and Ayla never did get up. But I've been hanging with Willow instead.
It's like having another child. For real.
Good thing she's so dang cute.
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