Monday, August 30, 2010


In list format.

*oil change.
*registered cars for another year. yikes. money i didn't want to spend.
*kids out of school early.
*grocery store.
*bought mouth guard for my 55 pound 3rd grader who starts tackle football tonight. hoping he's fast. i'd prefer he didn't get tackled. :)
*got kids all lined up to start piano again in november...once we are settled in our new house. this will be lani's first year. she's so excited! and brigg is anxious, too. he said he misses miss sara.
*early out on mondays...picked kids up.
*making homemade chicken strips, new potatoes, and fresh green beans for an early supper.
*football practice from 6-8 tonight.
*homework done before supper so we don't have to worry about it after football.
*snuggling up with the kids to watch a little tv and unwind before starting supper.
*counting down until friday...we are doing an early apple picking trip this year to get in on the long weekend. cannot wait to get out of this house and these boxes and this mess. can. not. wait.

just another monday.


Beckysblog said...

chicken strip recipe please...

Jennie Peakin said...

jealous. wish we could have gone apple picking this year. :(

Happilyoutnumbered said...

funny. Evan started football tonight too. Only difference is that I have a 90 lb. 3rd grader....I don't worry quite as much. I just hope he doesn't hurt anyone :)

meg duerksen said...

i am tired for you.