Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lani...entering Grade 1

My little Lani Loubug.
I cannot believe she'll be entering 1st grade this year.
As we have discussed moving and changing schools, we really haven't been too concerned about Lani.
We know she'll be fine.
She is fairly independent.
Last year she didn't have a friend she connected with in school until nearly February.

She never really came home and talked about her friends at school.
She never once asked to have a play date.
But she loved school.
She likes to be around the activity of school...just off on the edge a little bit.
She wanted to go out for soccer last year.
At this age, the kids all just bunch up together and chase the ball around in a big group.
You could always find Lani on the outer edge of the big group of kids.
Pretending like she actually cared about getting her foot on the ball, when really, I'm pretty sure she was praying that she wouldn't have to get near the ball and have all eyes focused on her. :)
That kind of describes who she is.

She likes to blend into the woodwork a bit.
She never wants to wear anything too wild...she'd hate to stand out.
She is a great "helper".
When I'm baking or packing or cleaning, Lani is always right there asking what she can do.
If I ask Brigg to do something for me and he starts complaining or saying he can't do it, Lani is the first to jump up and say "I'll do it!"
She will do hard, heavy labor if I ask her.
She'll move boxes or carry out a heavy bag of trash.
It's pretty amazing.
I think she partially likes to do the actual work, but mostly it's because she is a pleaser.
She loves to please us.
It's in her genetic make-up.

She is a daddy's girl through and through.
She loves to spend time with him in the yard.
She goes with him every single time to load up the car with recycling and return it.
She was created to help.
Sometimes she helps a little too much.
Like when she "helps" take care of Willow...or Ayla.
She gets so nervous when Ayla wants to be crazy or Willow runs off.
She tries to coddle them and keep them in her little bubble of protection.
She worries a lot.
That is what scares me most about Lani...she is a worry wort.
She can't help it.

She makes me laugh because she likes to get in on the action just a little bit.
When we were in the Ozarks Brigg and Macy were dancing on the side of the boat and then jumping in the water. We were in a little cove and had music playing and there were several other boats in the cove that could see us.
Lani finally got up the courage to stand on the side and do a little dance.
You could see the discomfort in her face.
Then she does this little dance move and slips and falls in the water.
So Lani.
But what I love the most about her is that she when she popped back up to the top, she was laughing.
She certainly knows how to laugh at herself. And at her siblings.
She may have been a bit embarrassed, but she just laughed it off. And she did do it again.

Lani is sweet.
Her smile is sweet.
Her heart is sweet.
It's just the perfect word for her.
She looks at new people and smiles this big sweet smile that melts your heart.
She's shy and gracious and quick to forgive.
I have so very much to learn from her.
She has more Burback genes than Stewart genes.
(lucky her! :))

Oh Lani...
I love how she finds joy in the smallest of things.
How she loves to play board games and prefers to snuggle in another room when we turn the music up too loud and get a little crazy.
I love how she prefers to spend time with her family and wants to bake bread with me every week.
I love how she loves...genuinely and deeply.
I love that she still wants to sit her long lanky body on my lap and have me read her a book.
I love how she wants to pray with me at night.

I love how she is so different from her siblings.
I love what she brings to our family.
I could go on and on.
Lani is special and we are blessed to have her in our family.
She rounds us out and reminds us of the important things in life on a daily basis.
As she enters 1st grade, I'm praying that she begins to see these blessings in herself this year.
That her confidence grows and her self esteem rises.
Lani is the kind of kid who will have a couple really really deep friendships.
I'm praying she meets and connects with someone quickly this year.
And most of all I pray that she continues to see God in the little things.
Thank you Lani for being you.
We love you so very much.


Jennie Peakin said...

She is so beautiful! Inside and out!

Candi said...

Yes, she is one special "sweet" little lady... oh I love her!!

Lisa said...

I have never known a mom who knows their kids as well as you do!!!
beautiful description of both of them!!!

Beckysblog said...

ARe you trying to make me lose it?

Courtney said...

oh, cassie. i'm a mess already today...and then i read holly's post...and then these 2 about brigg and lani and i just want to go cry under my covers for the rest of the afternoon. these were so beautiful! i feel like i just learned SO MUCH about your kids (and you as a mom!) they are precious. and so are you. and thanks for making me feel normal with some of the thoughts/fears i have as a mom! :-)

meg duerksen said...

hi cassie.
what a cutie she is!
annie is sitting next to me and said "OH her shirt is SO CUTE!" :)
two things:
the dunder miflin cup was a gift to craig....so we dont' know where it's from.
you could google it.
and the dog collar....i KEEP forgetting.
did you already order one?

Amy said...

I LOVE that you have written all this down! This will be so special for your kids to go back and read someday. And I love Lisa's comment about never knowing a mom who knows her kids as well as you do. What an amazing compliment that is!!!