Monday, August 16, 2010

Taco Tournament

Last Friday was the annual Taco Johns Youth Golf Classic.

Last year I was with Brigg.
This year it was Lani.
Teeing off...

We had run into Brigg and Dad along the course and Brigg told me he got a 30 on 5 holes.
Lani only needed to play 3 holes.
As we approached the last hole, I looked at Lani's scorecard.
I told her "Lani you need to get a 6 on this hole to tie your brother."
(i failed to mention he played 2 more holes than her.)
I am not sure Lani has a competitive bone in her body.
But I'm beginning to think I'm wrong.
Because I have never seen her try so hard to do well in a sport.
And guess what...she got a six.
And she beamed.
She couldn't wait to sign her card and find Brigg to tell him...

And Brigg went out with Dad.
This is the only pic I got of them.
Seriously...he looks 16. Right? Ugh.
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Jennie Peakin said...

YES, he does look 16! I am so proud of Lani getting a 6 on the last hole!!!

Candi said...

Oh those kids.... just melt my heart! Great job to both of you!! :)