Friday, August 13, 2010

30 minutes of awesome....

i didn't know if it would be a flop or not, but i figured since it's summer and we are pretty lazy during the days, we could afford a half hour of awake time in the middle of the night to watch the meteor shower tonight.
and oh. my. goodness.
it was so worth it!
i set my alarm for 2 am. went outside and laid out 2 big blankets in the back yard.
came back inside and got the 2 big kids up.
they carried out their pillows and blankets and we settled in.
30 minutes.
10 shooting stars.
they were in awe...and so was i!
i LOVE stuff like this. it was incredible.
we were really starting to get eaten alive when i said, "ok...let's see if we can hold out for just ONE MORE."
not 30 seconds passed and we all 3 squealed at the same was HUGE. and bright and a perfect way to end our 30 minutes.
and i kid you not when i say i teared up...and hugged them both so hard.
hope they remember it forever.
now i'm going to try and sleep again....or maybe not. maybe i'll go watch so more.


Lisa said...

you are a good mom! great mom!!!

Candi said...

I should have come too... I stayed up late to catch a glympse.... did not happen.... SHOOT!!!!!!!!! I'll try tonight! :)

Amy said...

Dyeing their hair... getting them up at 2 am... you are such a fun mom! I have no doubt you are making awesome memories for your kids!

Courtney said...

wow! so cool!!!

Trish said...

What a cool Mom you are, they'll remember forever!!!!