Friday, August 20, 2010


i've been waiting for today.
we are supposed to camp tonight. with the kids. and the dog.
and then send the children off with my sister in the morning so we can kayak down the river with a bunch of paul's co-workers.
i've been pretty excited. that's like my dream weekend.
but the weather is going to screw this up.
thunderstorms are a comin'. in a couple hours until tomorrow morning.
so i'm pretty sure there will be no camping tonight.
at least not with ayla and willow!
i'm bummed.
i was so excited to get out of this mess of boxes and these piles of clothes.
excited to look my kids and my husband in the eye. laugh with them. focus on them.
it's so hard to do those things with the moving stuff looming all around me.
we'll have to do something else tonight. not sure what.
but it looks like storms should be gone in time to kayak down the river. that's the good news.
then sunday paul and i will be packing all day long with jennie and sean keep the kids until close to bedtime. THANK YOU JENNIE AND SEAN!
i'm hopeful that by the end of the weekend i will feel like i have a grasp on things.
school starts wednesday.
our pod arrives september 14. that day will arrive before we know it, i'm sure.
so ready to get this move over with!
i have been in a bit of a funk this past week. but i think i'm coming out of it.
got some fun mail today! a blog friend sent a book that i've been wanting to read.
now i need to find the time to actually READ it.
lots on my plate, but nothing i can't handle.
continuing to try and be productive.
just another friday...

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Tisha said...

Ugh, sorry about your camping trip. It's such a bummer to look forward to it and have it fall through!
You know Cassie, I was wondering about the book you are looking forward to reading! :)