Sunday, August 8, 2010

inspections inspections inspections

our buyers decided against a full-house inspection. instead they are having a plumbing, electrical and HVAC inspection. all separate. which is fine, but they have all been at different times. plumbing and HVAC are done and we have the electrical one done today at 2:00. appraisal tomorrow at 10:00.
plus, our buyers also own a house that has an offer, so we need THEIR inspections to go well if we want OUR house to be sold.
so we are getting continual requests for inspections and continual calls about the inspection results on top of a continual search for a place to live.
we are not certain, but we think we found a house. there are some concerns about inspections that should be cleared up by tomorrow or tuesday for sure. then we can decide if we will make an offer.
we are anxious to see how it all plays out.
so that's it. we are still packing and still so thankful that we have a roof over our heads and a place to call home.

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Prayz Him Today said...

Continued prayers for all parties concerned.