Tuesday, August 10, 2010


trying to pass the time as we wait for the last info we need before making an offer on a new house.
soooo...here we go.
she's getting huge.
this isn't a great picture, but you can see her size in reference to ayla here.
i do believe she's passed ayla up in weight and it won't be long until she passes her in height!
she should start losing her baby teeth soon.
she's just over 3 months old and doing great.
we love her.

the other day we stopped at the park in the morning.
we are trying to make the most of these last days of summer.
while we were there, this reporter guy asked if he could chat with me a bit.
he was doing a story on the "dog days of summer".
i said sure.
he then asked if he could take some pics of the kids.
i responded with "Yes, just don't get ME in any of the pics!"
he agreed.
later that night a friend emailed me to inform me that i was on the muscatine journal website.
and sure enough if was a full body pic of ME...in all my un-showered, floral headband-wearing glory.
and guess what...it was on the FRONT PAGE of the weekend paper.
are. you. kidding. me.
i was not happy at all.
so people have been dropping off papers and telling me they saw me, etc.
i was pushing ayla in the swing, so we'll just put it locked up in ayla's baby book....and then forget about it.
why couldn't he have posted THIS picture...

we have been having wicked storms over night the past 3 nights.
i've been up with ayla several times each night.
she literally shakes from the inside out.
i hate it!
this morning i went outside to let willow our and saw this...

maybe it's a sign that today is the day.
the day it is officially official.
the day that all the kinks are worked out and we can really start planning.
the day that it's confirmed that i have not done all this in vain...

we'll see.
i hope so.
we will be changing elementary schools if the deal works out.
brigg is struggling a bit.
lani doesn't care so much.
i'm a little anxious myself.
i don't even know one student who goes to this elementary school.
i wish i could just give brigg 1 name of a child that he knows there.
i know 1 teacher...so maybe that will do.
i know they'll be fine, it's just getting past that first day.
plus, he really wants to go back to colorado school and "say goodbye" to his friends there.
i told him we aren't moving across the country, so it'll be fine. he'll see them all again.

and there you have it.
another boring post full of scattered thoughts.
hoping for some news today.
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Tisha said...

Oh, that is so funny about the newspaper! I want to see it!!

LK said...

Just think if you wouldn't have moved to a different school where you knew no one we wouldn't have met!!!!
He'll find his Leah there :)

Heather said...

Both my kids are changing schools too. Creighton is struggling a bit as well. And his best friend from Colorado School is moving to Australia--another struggle. What school would they go to? Check around, bet you will find that you know someone there!