Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our unexpected gift...

Turned one today.
And oh what a year it has been!

I cannot remember life without her.
I cannot believe I ever thought for a second our family would be complete without her.
She has brought a spunk to our house that we didn't know we were missing.

Her dark hair, her smile, her grunts, tossing her head back and belting out a laugh, crawling at the speed of light, putting EVERYTHING in her mouth, her 5 teeth, her "gentle" slaps across the face when she gets tired, her piggy tail on top of her head...I cannot imagine life without any of those things.
Today I am just soaking up all 18 pounds of this precious little girl.
She is adding a whole new aspect to the years ahead of us.
And we are forever grateful for her and what God knew we needed, even though we were oblivious to it! :)

We love you little Ayla Lyn....our unexpected gift from God.
Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!
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amy smith said...

happy birthday sweet girl.
we love you so much!

Beckysblog said...

so sweet! Happy Birthday!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Ayla! She is such a cutie...she keeps you on your toes! :)

Candi said...

Love you birthday girl!!! You are one tiny little hunk of love! We are SO blessed to call you our sweet grand child :) Happy 1st birthday!! : -)