Monday, November 24, 2008

On empty...

I feel like I'm running on empty here.
I'm not sure I have fully recovered from the flurry of sickness that struck over the weekend. I felt horrible, but you really are not allowed a day off when you have 3 little ones depending on you to take care of them and THEIR sicknesses.
Ayla is still producing diapers full of 100% fluid.
She has no desire to eat.
I'm forcing her to drink.
She is going in about 1 hour increments of sleeping and waking up.
I'm trying to plan my day accordingly, but failing miserably.
Paul started a project this weekend and it's going to be great to have the dining room/hallway floors refinished, but it's turned into chaos.
We just fully absorbed today what it meant to refinish the floors in icy temps and needing to put on a minimum of 4 coats of top coat full of fume. 4 coats at a minimum of 2 hours apart. Plus a full time job and 3 kids. Hmmm. Not ideal. Plus, you are to wait 3 DAYS before resuming regular use of your floors.
We leave for Paul's parents' on Thursday morning. The first coat of top coat is going on tonight. I completely packed for our holiday trip this afternoon before we basically moved out and into MY parents' house for the next couple days. (Fortunately for them, they are in Florida. Hmmm...wonder if that was a last minute decision to leave a day early or not??)
So I'm tired.
Worn out.
And just feeling like a failure on many levels.
Not asking for any sympathy here, just being real.
The kids are in bed and Paul is at the house, working, so I feel like I can let down now.
And that I am...letting down.
Tomorrow will be better, right?

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Eric and Pam said...

tomorrow will be way better.

praying for more refreshment for you...

love you. happy thanksgiving. i'm thankful for you.