Monday, November 10, 2008

New blogs!

Well this project is catching like wildfire. It has been amazing to see things coming together and spreading like crazy all over the world!
So a few new things in which to take note.

First of all, we have t-shirts! A COLLEGE STUDENT took this project on all by herself and has done an incredible job designing the shirts and setting up the website. She will be shipping them out once a week to all who order. The is a huge undertaking and we are so thankful for her. If you are interested, go to the new t-shirt blog at

Second of all, we have a new dancing blog. Tesi had been posting dances on her blog everyother day for the past week. There has been much interest, so she decided to put them all in one place at If you are interested in dancing for water, you can email Tesi and she'll post your dance.

We have had a HUGE response to the water bottles and our pre-orders have well exceeded our expectations. And the Facebook group is getting crazy! At last check, there were 379 members. Just think, if we get up to 500 and everyone gave JUST $10, we could drill a well. Just like that. See what happens when we join forces? Incredible stories coming in. I can't even stay caught up will all the ideas coming and stories being shared. Good stuff.

So check out all the new tools. And feel free to take the codes for the t-shirt blog on my sidebar!

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