Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just an average Joe.

Take a STAND.
BE the end of ignorange.
BE the difference between justice and injustice.
LOVE can change the WORLD.

I am overcome by this these WORDS. (take note that charity:water is featured!)
We can do this.
Nevermind if your friend is or your sister is or your neighbor is, YOU CAN BE LOVE, COMPASSION, JUSTICE, HOPE, the DIFFERENCE.
Go watch this...and tell me it doesn't move you.


angie said...

That is beautiful.... and yes, it moved me. Thank you so much for posting that. I put it on my facebook page and quoted you. I think you rock, Cassie.

Courtney said...

awesome teacher kit, cassie! i couldn't come up with anything else - those are GREAT ideas!

Candi said...

Love the song.... love you Cass!! :)