Thursday, November 13, 2008

For the record...

Ayla is one. And she is also my third child. She will be fully aware of this as she looks back at her childhood. I have been awful about keeping up her baby book. I'm hoping I'll be able to look back through this blog and get it caught up before she has a chance to realize I didn't do it at the time!
So for the record, and so I can catch up on her baby book someday...
As of her first birthday she is not walking quite yet. She walks around everything and between things, but rarely walks more than 5 steps or so.
She has 5 teeth and several more on the way.
She weighs 17 lb 6 oz. She is tiny. That puts her in the 5% range for 1 year olds. This is much smaller than Brigg or Lani were.
She doesn't say any words. Not even ma-ma or da-da. Instead, she grunts. And the kids will get her ANYTHING she grunts for.
She never really loved her bouncy seat or walker, or anything that restrains her for that matter. She loves to be free.
She still puts almost everything in her mouth. If I catch her doing it, she'll turn towards me and hold it straight out to me as if to say, "here, take it. I wasn't going to put it in my mouth! I promise!"
She nursed for the last time on her first birthday.
She drinks out of a straw cup and the doctor has suggested we keep her on formula until 15 months since she is so tiny.
She loves her bath.
She loves to be the center of attention.
She kisses with her mouth wide open...and then will slap you if she really loves you.
She sleeps good. 11 hours through the night (MOST of the time) and 2 naps during the day...each one 1.5-2 hours long.
She's spunky and independent and SO FUN!
So anxious to see the little girls she grows into!

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Courtney said...

i love reading those kind of facts! and she sounds so FUN to be around!