Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All a buzz around here...

Election Day!! :)
Exercise your right.
Others around the world are not so lucky!!

In other news...
I could not be more EXCITED about Water for Christmas!!!!! It's catching on. People are getting excited. It's consuming my thoughts. I need to put together a Water for Christmas kit of sorts, for teachers. Any great ideas? I have a few, but would love more!! Talk about passions colliding. I'm literally shaking as I think about this. SHAKING. Teaching. I love teaching. I love the smell of the classroom. Paint. Elmer's glue. Crayons. I love the squeals of kids on the playground. Reciting the Pledge of Allegience in the morning. I love it all. I miss it. But I do love being home as well. There are days when I feel like I just need a little classroom "fix". It's not the same doing it at home with Brigg or Lani or Ayla. It's the excitement in the school that gets me.
Anyway, this is one way that I'm getting my fix. My passions colliding. Putting togethe some ideas for teachers to implement in the classroom about providing CLEAN WATER TO MILLIONS. Did I mention I was excited?!?
Another blogger friend, Courtney, had an amazing post today on her blog in regards to this. Go there. Read it. Think about it. What a great teaching tool.
So this is where I'm at today. Where my mind and heart are at today. It's exciting! Keep spreading the word! And email any ideas for this classroom kit!!!

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Melanie said...

You certainly have a gift in the "teacher" area...I'm very jealous and eager to hear you ideas. You all are coming up with so much for this project!