Friday, November 14, 2008


Big weekend around here.
No school brigg stayed the night at a friend's house. They are going to Jungle Bungle today and he'll be home this afternoon. Probably ready to nap.
So it's just me and the girls today...with no need to leave the house.
We are preparing for family to come. Paul's family will be here to help celebrate Ayla's first birthday. And we are all (Paul and I, along with his siblings and spouses) going to the Iowa v. Purdue game tomorrow if we can handle the freezing temps! Nanas and Papa will be watching the game from home with the little ones.
I can guarantee there will be peppermint patties involved in our tailgating!
Hawkeye football and tailgating in Iowa City ranks right at the top of things I thoroughly enjoy. The excitement and the smells. It's so fun!
So we'll be busy the next couple of days.
Enjoy the weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Joey will be there! Keep an eye out for him ;)